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18 & 19 MARCH 2020



Dynamically route inbound phone calls to the best agent for the job, based on the caller`s online journey, without the need for an IVR. Show agents the online browsing history to help them have a more informed conversation. And `call whisper` any phrase to the agent, along with feeding in suggestions and messages during the call, for shorter, more valuable calls and an improved customer experience.

Integrating seamlessly with your existing technology stack, it's now easy to push phone call conversion data into your other platforms, so you can also optimise your marketing campaigns based on a complete data set.

Robust, agile, effortlessly scalable and enterprise-ready, today ResponseTap securely tracks millions of phone calls every month.

- Call routing, without the IVR
Route calls dynamically based on the online customer journey, rather than using cumbersome IVRs

- Have better conversations
Improve the customer experience by picking up the conversation where the web journey left off

- Make other systems more powerful
Close the loop between your other systems with seamless integration to your other tools.

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