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18 & 19 MARCH 2020



ReadSpeaker offers some of the best text-to-speech voices on the market. Using its own stable of industry-leading technologies, the company delivers amongst the most natural-sounding synthesized voices in 20+ languages and 70+ lifelike voices. The only provider to control the total delivery chain, ReadSpeaker uses next-generation Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology and feedback to structurally improve voice quality at all levels.

ReadSpeaker has offices in 15 countries, and over 10,000 customers in 65 countries, providing a complete text-to-speech (TTS) offering, with both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and licensed solutions. A fully integrated TTS provider, with a wide variety of applications for varying channels and devices in multiple industries, giving a voice to businesses and organizations for online, embedded, server or desktop needs, apps, speech production, custom voices and more. With over 20 years` experience, the ReadSpeaker team of experts is leading the way in text to speech. ReadSpeaker is `Pioneering Voice Technology`.

Our TTS solutions can help you deploy efficient speech output in your IVR, contact centre and outbound customer care systems, boosting customer satisfaction while containing costs and helping your business thrive. Our solutions are the perfect fit for:

- Call Centre and Contact Centre applications: cut costs by servicing customers
automatically or directing them to a specific department if their request requires a
customer service representative to solve their problem. Instantly and seamlessly blend
dynamic content with static audio files and deploy custom voice prompts.

- IVR: optimise your IVR systems management. Effortlessly handle call spikes and deliver
the highest quality service to your customers.

- Outbound Call Notifications: instantly generate outbound notifications whenever you need
them, in an array of languages, scaled according to your needs.

- Intelligent virtual assistants, conversational agents or chatbots: leverage the
communicative power of ReadSpeaker TTS voices to engage, inform, delight and
entertain in a natural and effective way.

Tel: 31 30 692 44 90

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