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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


OptiOp Quality Management

Your clients expect excellent customer service. How are you doing?
The first step is measurement. We find that clients regularly monitor the customer service delivered by their people by listening to calls or reviewing chats or Twitter and Facebook posts. The results are often saved in spreadsheets and after a few weeks this becomes so burdensome to reliably and effectively mine for information that the quality program fails.

OptiOp allows you to easily create and maintain your evaluation forms; perform evaluations quickly and simply across any number of skills or media channels; meet with employees and give feedback and record and track action items; measure the turnaround time for giving feedback and close the loop with employees signing off on receiving feedback. OptiOp also allows you to create scripts or training material for your employees to self-serve during calls or in quiet times, to help with complex processes or to reinforce training.

The benefits don't stop there - for maximum effect, measurement and feedback must be applied consistently so OptiOp allows you to perform calibration sessions efficiently, bringing your evaluation or quality assurance team together virtually to first evaluate then calibrate the same activity and then come to, and save, the consensus opinion and measure how calibrated you are.

Some of the biggest time and cost savings come from the ability to run reports, at the touch of a button: standard reports are a given and we provide customised reports that allow you to mine exactly what you need from your data - our mission is to deliver the information you need, at the touch of a button.

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