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18 & 19 MARCH 2020



Loxysoft offers the truly intuitive WFM tool ProScheduler. Workforce Management: Simplified. Let`s face it, bringing on a new and often complicated WFM product can be a daunting task to add to an already stacked deck. What you need a product that is easy to learn how to use, saves your center time in scheduling agents, conveniently monitors intraday updates, and automatically track employee hours- all while staying in your budget. Proscheduler gives you all that and more. Our product presentation will demonstrate how anyone can learn to create schedules for phone, email and chat (Omni-Channel) which take into account agents preferred time to work (Work/life balance), has an integrated time clock that exports to your payroll system, and monitors your intraday environment via Playbook, changes quickly. Realtime - Control - Action!

Tel: 0046 31 340 25 30

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