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A Brand New Sales Experience

You are in sales. You have a lot to do. Your time is limited. Using Liid will make you a more productive, efficient and diligent salesperson.

With Liid you can:
- Automatically track mobile calls and emails to your CRM
- Execute daily tasks promptly with the built-in personal sales assistant
- Save your meetings and add notes by speech-to-text
- Scan business cards and instantly update client information

Automatically Log Sales Activities to CRM

Updating your CRM is a chore, it takes a lot of time and it is not efficient. Liid can do all that for you. Our app is designed to log all your emails, calls and meetings instantaneously and directly to your CRM. You can view your activities at any time with Liid and feel assured that your CRM is being updated with accurate and reliable data.

It`s Your Sales Team, You Should See What`s Going On

`The Dashboard` provides you with a detailed overview of exactly how your salespeople are performing. If you`re a sales director, the Liid Dashboard will quickly become your go-to and favorite tool to use to run your sales team.

With the Dashboard you can:
- Analyze your entire sales team
- Discover the strongest and weakest aspects of your sales department
- Create accurate performance reports
- Use data to create sales goals, quotas and sales plans
- Mentor and guide your salespeople with ease

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