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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


KMS lighthouse

Lighthouse enhances every interaction by empowering employees and customers with real-time access to accurate and consistent knowledge.

The Lighthouse knowledge solution improves performance and productivity, by providing agents, customers and managers on all channels with real-time access to all the information they need to optimize customer service and to transform customer engagement into sales.

Lighthouse is suitable for all business units, including:
- sales
- customer service
- back-office
- technical support
- end customer self-service
- live chat and chatbot integration


Lighthouse provides users with consistent and accurate answers to questions and queries in less than one second. This capability combined with excellent knowledge visualization and our lightning-fast implementation, ensures the benefits of improved customer experience, reduced interaction times and increased first interaction resolution are quickly achieved.

The powerful search engine & unique methodology dramatically improves customer experience across all service and sales channels (including self-service interactions with chat-bots and widgets). Lighthouse provides customers and service representatives access to information with unmatched accuracy and speed (less than 1 second) resulting in best customer engagement and unparalleled customer service by reducing the dependency on the experience of the specific agent since are all getting the same answer from the Lighthouse platform.

KMS lighthouse has made a continued focus on development activities to ensure that our products are cutting edge, innovative and evolving, building on the feedback and suggestions received from our customers and partners together with our dedicated product and research team based out of our Innovation Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.


In just a few years, Lighthouse has earned a growing global customer base and positive industry and analyst reviews including Gartner's Cool Vendor List and Lighthouse 5 was named one of the Trend Setting Products of the 2017 by KMWorld.


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