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18 & 19 MARCH 2020



At i2x we are working to radically improve the human-to-human interaction between companies and their customers. We do this by providing real-time insights on business calls for managers on one side, and supporting agents with continuous communication training on the job on the other. i2x enables companies to leverage data and understand what makes their team successful and customers happy - all in real-time and powered by AI.
Traditionally, contact center success metrics are based on a limited set of data, including call attempts and duration. Built on a fit-for-purpose ASR (automatic speech recognition), i2x opens the doors to deeper, more meaningful insights. The platform evaluates complex speech parameters in real-time to determine the dynamics of a customer conversation. This includes customizable words and phrases, pauses, rate of speech, and speech-to-listen ratio. i2x analyzes sales and service team calls and identifies which approach works best for a specific customer or prospect group. Data-driven best practices are automatically shared with all team members. As a result, managers gain deeper insights into customer interactions, the skills of existing employees evolve and brand experience improves. i2x makes call data analyzable and actionable.

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