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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



Live CX offers fresh and innovative CX solutions for CX professionals globally.

1, We offer CX Workbooks that are designed to hold focused and effective customer journey mapping workshops and drive desired CX energy and agenda across an organisation.

Our pre-defined CX Workbooks are designed contextually per industry and cover the key journeys that a typical customer undergo during their lifetime relationship with the brand.

CX Workbooks can be fully customised, adapted and branded to your organisation's needs and are a great way to tell your customer, brand or product story.

2, We offer cloud-based online crowdsourcing applications to help improve and innovate customer experience offered by your organisation. It is the new way for employees to network and exchange best practices - collaborate over ideas and innovate CX.

For instance, rather than discussing CX issues generally, your employees will be able to brainstorm contextually

- throughout customer's lifecycle (discover, explore, buy, consume, engage, repurchase, advocate)
- touch-points (IVR, Mobile, SMS, Web, Retail, Kiosks, Bots, etc.).

Please visit us at stand 286 to learn more about how we could support you in driving your desired CX agenda.

Tel: 07539 958 163

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