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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



FLG - the CRM for B2C businesses. The FLG family is a full stack of software that you build around your business for customer engagement, including a powerful CRM, workflow & automation tools, marketing campaigns, reporting & analytics, and multi-channel contact via email, text message and chatbot.

Our platform has been designed to help consumer-focused businesses of all shapes and sizes quickly and efficiently handle enquiries and convert more sales leads into deals. At every stage in your sales cycle, the FLG product family keeps you one-step ahead, absorbing leads from multiple sources including web, text message and chatbot platforms. FLG then automatically allocates leads and enquiries to the right teams or agents within your business, tracking and managing their progress and providing powerful tools that allow your teams to communicate directly with your customers.

When you combine this core lead processing functionality with powerful, customisable reporting, two-way email and SMS, analytics, visual workflows, intelligent agent routing, direct integration with hundreds of 3rd party systems and powerful chatbot agents, then you have the most complete consumer-based customer engagement platform possible.

Tel: 01282 798 545

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