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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


4net Technologies Ltd

4net Technologies deliver groundbreaking, innovative solutions to our customers in both the public sector and commercial enterprises. An Avaya Diamond Edge Partner, we have been chosen over the past two years, to receive the prestigious Avaya Innovation Award, which recognises individuals, customers, channel partners and distributors that have created amazing experiences and delivered groundbreaking value through the innovative application of Avaya technologies. This year 4net were named Avaya`s International Cloud Partner of the Year.

Digital Transformation is changing the face of Contact Centres, making them adapt by integrating new technologies into their organisations, to stay ahead of their competition and to deliver the customer service that people now expect. 4net helps our customers achieve digital transformation by introducing automation and AI through our award-winning technology and service innovations to help personalise the customer journey and simplify customer contact.

Connected, empowered and more demanding customers have replaced traditional consumers. Your organisation needs to realign investments in technology and business models if you want to engage empowered digital customers effectively at every touchpoint. Through the use of AI techniques such as NLP (Natural language Processing) and text analytics, 4net can implement intelligent self-service solutions that will understand the meaning behind a question and deliver only the relevant answers to your customers.

Migration to a Cloud strategy delivers numerous benefits to an organisation and its Contact Centre, but it also brings challenges. 4net has successfully transitioned organisations and helped them take advantage of cloud technologies. By adopting an intelligent and flexible approach, we can leverage Avaya technologies and deliver the most effective journey to creating a successful cloud strategy, transforming your businesses, enabling you to be innovative in the way you work with your customers.

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