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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


Engaging Heroes

Increase your customer engagement with 180% using tailor made mini-games.

We build tailor made mini-games for epic businesses looking for new and exciting ways to engage and interact with their target audience. They are highly-effective in boosting your brand awareness, promoting your new products, and increasing your sales.

Mini-games compared to video marketing techniques:
- 180% more engaging
- 220% more likely to click through to your website
- 7 times more likely your customers will use the vouchers they win


Why are mini-games so effective?

Research shows that...
- 20% checks their smartphone every 10 minutes
- 87% uses multiple screens while watching television to feel engaged enough
- 75% of consumers world-wide don`t feel engaged by brands while 80% wants to be entertained

We live in overly distracted world overloaded with information and this is exactly why traditional advertising techniques fail to grab and keep our attention.

When we feel engaged and entertained by brands, we are more profitable, loyal, and more likely to recommend your product or services to others.

So, it`s time to fill the gap and offer more exciting ways to engage your target audience.


What`s our secret sauce?

We understand games, human behavior, and businesses.


Some companies that already use the power of games: KFC, Nissan, Donut Pappi, Wendy`s, RedBalloon.


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