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18 & 19 MARCH 2020



Document360 - The Knowledge Base that scales with your product.
Document360 is a web-based alternative to some of the more expensive desktop solutions, and the fact that it's SaaS (Software as a Service) means you can scale your documentation strategy quickly.

Key Features:
-Simple and clean access for you and your customers.
Tools to help organise your documentation shouldn?t be complicated but simple, so anyone can use them. An intuitive and standardised editor in Document360 helps you to create and manage your documentation effectively. The focus is on your content, making sure readability is great.
-Fast Search
Document360 can boast of a fast, intelligent search that automatically suggests answers as you type. Tagging allows you to improve the search performance of your articles. Tags act as keywords.
-Versioning and Rollback
Rich versioning support with difference viewer. No more lost content. Rollback to previous versions if required.
-Backup and Restore
Don't worry about accidental deletion of content by your writers. The daily system backup allows you to restore content easily.
-Internal Commenting
Collaborate with your colleagues by providing suggestions and feedback to the articles to make it better.
-Private Documentation
Document360 can restrict access to the Knowledge Base portal containing projects and documentation to authorised users who require to login to view the articles.
Setup Notification Channels to track the User activities on your knowledge Base
Use Metrics to better understand and improve your knowledge Base based on the users input and feedback
-Easy customization of your portal
Apply brand colours and logos across your documentation portal so customers have a seamless experience and can go back and forth between the website and documentation
Grant roles to users based on the project requirements. Provide specific role and specific access to editors and readers.
-Custom Domain
Host your documentation website in same domain as your company name.

Tel: 001 855 867 8251

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