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Closing Tools

1 - CLOSING STEPS is a revolutionary and ultra powerful Closing Sales software.

CLOSING STEPS offers a multitude of groundbreaking, astute, solid tools adapted to the real needs of salespeople in the field, which can be used during sales appointments.

- More professional and pleasant appointments
- Close more
- Negotiate better

During the meeting, the application:
- prepares the best questions to ask to:
> Be in sync with the client
> Respond better to meet their real needs
> Minimize the very reasons for raising objections
- Anticipates the objections that may be raised
- Prepares the most appropriate and optimal responses

The application offers several possibilities so the salesperson has ample choice. It classifies objections and responses in order of relevance. The salesperson just chooses the most appropriate option based on each individual situation.

2 - CLOSING STEPS also provides the 1st user-friendly interface for CRM... which automatically fills in the CRM, pushing the data entry rate from 26 % to 100!

With CLOSING STEPS, you just need one finger to :
- Scroll
- Tap
That`s it!

A classic CRM requires the salesperson to enter the data in the machine. With Closing Steps:
- It`s the machine that gives the information to the salespeople using big buttons to tap.
- The machine prompts, the sales rep responds
- Text is pre-entered and pre-structured, and all the salesperson has to do is tap on what seems most pertinent, which:
> Automatically fills in the CRM
> Creates milestone tags which highlight what didn`t hook the prospect and on contrary, where he/she showed interest.

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