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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


Awaken Intelligence

The Awaken Platform is a suite of complementary products that integrate seamlessly with existing systems whilst streamlining processes to empower you to create exceptional customer experiences.

Bringing together cross-channel inputs, integrating legacy data and making use of existing systems and data. The Awaken Platform provides one view of the customer`s behaviour at any given moment.

A browser-based scripting application with a drag, drop and fully configurable interface. Simple, quick yet powerful, Awaken scripting allows for the rapid development and deployment of scripts to give your agents everything they need so they can concentrate on delighting the customer, rather than on what to say or do next.

Low-Code Customer Experience App
By elevating Awaken Scripting to the next level our CX App unlocks advanced functionality to facilitate the building of application-level scripts to support even your most complicated process without the need for a developer. Wizard-driven API and Database connections, as well as conditional and dynamic scripting across multiple pages, helps create a powerful application that brings unconnected peripheral applications and data sources into one place. Our own extensive API`s and Script Helper Functions add even more possibilities. With the staff on the CX front line happy and engaged, so too will your customers.

Awaken Analytics comes complete with highly-customisable visualisations including interactive charts, gauges, scorecards and more. We provide you with the granular control over almost all visual design elements with pixel-perfect dashboards to help you gain valuable insight and drive faster decision making. You can deploy on all mobile platforms, without having to develop and maintain a dedicated solution for each, and without depending on a desktop application to analyse your data.

The Awaken Insights Platform is a scalable cloud-based solution that realises the real value of data and analytics by enabling their ability to deliver rich, and actionable insight, to drive change and positively influence decisions. Giving customers the ability to push data in real-time or batches, from varied sources, databases, telephony stats and workforce management, data can be visualised using Awaken Analytics. Tagging data, such as call recordings and associated AI-driven transcriptions with security and data governance policies help provide regulatory peace of mind and enhanced quality assurance.

Voice Analytics
Behavioural and Emotional Analytics - an outcome-based voice analytics platform. This helps our client understand what their customers are really thinking and feeling.
Reduced regulatory risk, lowered operational costs and consistently improved customer service through analysis of interactions based on a range of language and behavioural indicators.

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