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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


Artudata Ltd.

ArtuData's AI technology helps target, acquire and convert your customers.

Artudata uses the power of Big Data and Machine-Learning to validate and score your leads BEFORE they are posted to your company`s CRM queue.

Our real-time lead scoring tool increases sales by 15% and agent's productivity by 30%.

We have built an application that truly serves the needs of Enterprise Lead Buyers, by accurately scoring the relative quality of leads, at the point of submission.

This approach also enables our clients to accept or reject presented `Paid Leads`, and to prioritize all accepted leads effectively within their lead nurturing funnel.

Our patented granted technology allows us to work on smaller and anonymous datasets to validate and accurately score your leads.

Key Functions:
• Customized Lead Scoring Models
• Real-time Scoring
• Pre-Ping 3rd Party leads per custom rules
• Accept/Reject paid leads by score threshold and other criteria
• Routing of all leads to your CRM and/or nurturing channels
• Real-time lead status synch with your CRM.
• Integration with Marketing Automation Systems such as Marketo, HubSpot, Velocify, Silver Pop and others

Why are we different? Why does it make a difference to your bottom line?

Legacy solutions:
• Typical scoring services score based on post-acquisition engagement or behaviour.
• CRM tools require users to subjectively weigh input variables or events.
• All legacy solutions score leads AFTER they are purchased or are generated from your online or off-line marketing campaigns.

• We combine the client`s unique historical data with hundreds of personal `Life-Data Attributes` contributing to enhanced lead quality.
• The attributes include behavioural data, social-graphic details, real-time event-based data, purchase interests, financial information, demographics and more.
• We calculate and assign a score for each lead on a scale of 0-99 before sending it to your Sales team.
• Our pre-acquisition scoring allows your sales department to prioritize your sales funnel and spend more time on quality prospects.
• We score the relative quality of incoming leads `in real-time` BEFORE you market to them.

Industries Serviced:
• Financial Services
• Hospitality & Gaming
• Consumer Products
• Household Goods & Services


We offer a `No-Risk` Pilot Program that enables you to assess the accuracy of our customized scoring models before signing a Service Agreement. Pilot Programs are priced on a Custom Quote basis.

Post the pilot program, our Service Agreements typically have a 180-day minimum term with a 30-day termination notice each way.

Service Agreements are priced on a per lead `pay as you go` basis as a processing fee, based on your validation preferences.

Tel: 02037 699 040

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